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A Message from our Pastor

Since 2011, together with my wife, I’ve had the honor and privilege of being the Senior Pastor at Pneuma Church. I never imagined, not even in my wildest dreams, the possibility of this happening.

This is the church I attended as a youth when I came to Christ at 18 years old. This is the church where I started to develop a relationship with God, and this is the church where I started serving the Lord in youth ministry in 1996. Here I made new friends, developed new passions, and discovered an amazing purpose. I was ordained as a pastor, met and married my beautiful wife Gaby, and had four wonderful children – all this in the same church.  Pneuma is more than a church to me – it’s my family!!! During my most difficult times, like when my father went to be home with the Lord, I found strength and support through my Pneuma Family. In my most joyful times, it’s also you, Pneuma Family, with whom I have celebrated. We’ve rejoiced over the hundreds of individuals who’ve given their lives to Christ and started a journey to love God, be free, live on purpose, and make a difference. I’m certain that you have your own story at Pneuma Church too and I’m also confident that it’s a good one.

In  2016, we took on the name Pneuma Church. Pneuma is fresh air, the breath of God, and the Spirit. That’s the meaning of Pneuma and that’s who we are as a church. We’re the fresh air, the breath of God, and the touch of the Spirit that people so desperately need in the world we’re living in today. That is why, my dear Pneuma Church, I believe that our best days are here and now and many more still lie ahead of us. We are thankful and honor the past, but we also embrace the future wholeheartedly knowing that God’s promises are great for this ministry.

On Vision Sunday, I shared with you 23 statements of how I see Pneuma Church. Each of these statements is based on a couple of very important things. First, Jesus’ commission for His church. Second, words and promises that have been spoken over this ministry by many respected men and women of God. Lastly, visions I’ve seen as the pastor of Pneuma of what God would like to carry out through us.

These statements are so powerful because they let us know that the vision of God for this church is greater than all of us and will surely outlive us. His desire is for Pneuma to be a church that makes a worldwide impact for the Kingdom throughout the coming generations. However, for all this to take place, there’s a great responsibility that falls on our shoulders and we must show great commitment. He is calling us at Pneuma to be good stewards who put Him first in every area of our lives. That is why we have launched this one-year initiative called FIRST Stewardship Focus. In 2020, as a spiritual family, we want to make God and His Kingdom FIRST in everything and that includes our finances.

Our finances are tied directly to our hearts. There’s no way around that. Jesus said: “Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal. Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be” (Matthew‬ 6:20-21 NLT‬). God is and will always be going after our hearts. He doesn’t need our money, but our money tells Him who is first in our hearts. That’s why we must get this right and put God first in our finances. As a church, we all have the opportunity to do so as well during this year of our FIRST Stewardship Focus.

I want to ask you as your pastor to consider this and make a sacrificial financial commitment for the amount that God puts in your heart for the duration of one year. This financial commitment is not your regular tithes because these already belong to God and He has established what should be done with that. This is giving in a way that tells God, “Lord, you know all things. My heart belongs to you, so I give willfully and with great joy that I get to be part of what you are doing on earth through my church, through Pneuma.”

Let our Legacy be one of putting God FIRST in our lives so that our generations may see and want to live the same way that we did!


In Christ’s Love,

Christian Garcia
Senior Pastor