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Preparing My Heart for 2020

Preparing My Heart for 2020

A lot of thoughts and feelings can come to mind when we look back and see that one more year has passed. Maybe you think, “Finally, the year is over!!!” or maybe you smile with satisfaction at the things you experienced in 2019. How do you feel about this year that is quickly coming to an end?

I want to give you the best news: God says in His Word that His mercies are new every day.

My wish for each of you is that you would believe that 2020 will be a year where God will give you the opportunity to start over. The question we must now ask ourselves is, “What is the best way to start over?” and the answer is by putting God in his rightful place – number one in our lives!

There’s no other way to be satisfied with our days here on earth than to put God first. Now, how do we do that? I firmly believe that the way to put God in the right place in our lives is to make that decision every day. Every morning when you wake up you have the great opportunity to give God the place He deserves and to not let anything compete with Him. Remember that the Bible is clear when it speaks to us in Romans 12:2 about renewing our minds since there will always be a struggle in our soul to know who really owns our hearts. I’m sure that if you put God in His rightful place and remind your soul that you not only received Jesus as your Savior but also as your Lord, then as Lord, He will direct your steps.

Get ready for the beginning of one of the best years of your life and to see God work supernaturally in and through you. Remember that God is a good Father who loves you and always longs for the best for His children.

Many blessings and a prosperous new year,

Pr. Gaby Garcia

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