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Surrendering Your Thoughts and Decisions

Surrendering Your Thoughts and Decisions

Dear Pneuma Family,

I want to share with you what God showed me last week. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting what He revealed to me; what He said really shocked me. While I was thanking Him for another amazing day, I was also thinking about the next day. I was going back and forth between thanking him for the day and thinking about tomorrow. This went on for quite a while until He said

“You’re excluding Me from all of your thoughts and decisions.”


Wow, that was tough to hear, but He was right! As much as I seek Him each day for direction, I haven’t included Him in every thought and decision. You might be wondering… Why not?

Honestly, I hadn’t surrendered all of my thoughts and decisions to Him. I still wanted to make my own decisions without His input. It really doesn’t make sense because He is my Lord and the One who leads me, yet I was leaving him out of my mind. When the Lord spoke those words to me, He brought me back to the moment of prayer that I mentioned before and how it was like slamming a door on Him when I was processing, planning, analyzing what I was going to do the next day rather than including Him in my every thought. You may know what that’s like too.

So let me ask you…Are you including God in all of your thoughts and decisions?

If not, God isn’t mad at you. He isn’t against you. He loves you so much and really wants what’s best for you. So wouldn’t it make sense to include God in all you do, think, say, feel and believe? Let me encourage you to go to the Lord and be honest with Him. I promise you that He will understand. If you want to see more of God’s will come to pass in your life, surrender your thoughts and decisions to Him. I promise you that it’ll be one of the best decisions that you will ever make.

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