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We Are the Church

We Are the Church

They no longer see you arriving early to start the morning.

They no longer see you come full of joy to see your Sunday school students and to teach them that there is a God who loves them.

They no longer see you with signs in your hands that say “Welcome Home” or when a simple “I love you” comes out of your mouth.

They no longer see you offering coffee to a mom, dad, or perhaps someone elderly.

They no longer see you opening the door and shaking hands with a stranger who is unsure about what’s happening but who feels reassured by your handshake and smile.

They no longer see you adjusting sounds and tuning instruments that together with voices conquer heaven, unleashing the presence of God that can be felt in your heart.

They no longer see you cleaning glass doors that reflect smiles.

They no longer see you standing in corridors convinced that it will be a great day as you wait to affectionately direct people to the seat where they will raise their hands to thank our eternal Father and sovereign God.

They no longer see you making sandwiches to honor people who dedicate their Sundays to serving others.

They no longer see you enter a room and bend your knees for lost souls.

They no longer see you taking pictures or recording videos to show others how God is touching people’s lives.

They no longer see you working together to build the kingdom of God on earth.


But yes, we are collaborators of God who together with a huge group of people redeemed by the blood of Christ, form the Church, a church that has not been physically together for a long time to worship because of a virus that we do not see.

But united by the same spirit, we are the Church. We collaborate with what God is already doing, and I want you to know that we have a Father who says:

“Do not faint, my bride, keep growing and keep praying there in secret. Do not stop ministering and giving words of love and hope, which full of encouragement lift the faith of a family member, a friend, or perhaps a neighbor who may be sick. You are my Church and I chose you for eternal things so that you are the salt and the light of this earth. I want you to know that soon we will see each other and we will be together at the wedding feast of the lamb and although the doors of your building have been closed for a while, I assure you, that always for my Church, the windows of heaven will remain open.” 

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